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Writing Articles? Use the News!

by Amy O'Quinn


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


When writers get stumped for article or story ideas, the solution may be as close as the morning newspaper on the sidewalk or a newsfeed on the computer screen. Exciting and interesting (and sometimes tragic) things are happening all over the world 24/7, and some of those current events might just spark your next writing idea! So, when you need some inspiration for articles or stories, use the news.


On, there are top breaking news headlines in the main categories of US and World, Business, Health, Lifestyles, Sports, Technology and Weather. However, there are also other feeds on the sidebar ranging from cruise ship news to headlines about volcanoes. I specifically liked the option of newsfeeds for all US states. Additionally, this page also includes newsfeed links to cities and geographic areas within each state.


Of course, watching the news and reading an actual newspaper can also provide exposure to headlines, but a newsfeed site does make it easier and more convenient by having breaking news stories (from all over the world) right in one place.


For example, as I was perusing state news headlines, I discovered that a slight earthquake occurred in east Georgia yesterday. I had no idea! I also found out that the Atlanta Zoo was holding a birthday celebration for the oldest known male gorilla in the world and that an aggressive wild bear is roaming and terrorizing another town not far from Atlanta. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is taking steps to capture and move him. From just these three headlines happening in my state, I was able to brainstorm quite a few article and story ideas, including the causes of earthquakes, how scientists measure earthquakes on the Richter scale, a biographical piece on Ozzie (the oldest male gorilla), an article about gorillas surviving in the wild versus living in captivity, a story about a wild bear wandering around an urban area, and an article about trapping and transporting dangerous animals that are in the wrong place.


A small sampling of other ‘headline newsfeed’ type sites includes:


So, when you are suffering from writer’s block or unable to come up with ideas for writing articles or stories, find out what’s happening in your community, state, nation, and world. A certain headline or current event might catch your eye and get your creative juices flowing. One thought can lead to another, and before long you’ll zero in on your next BIG idea.


Need inspiration? Use the news!



*Article originally appeared on The Work Writer's Club website HERE.




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