I’m from the South, and we Southerners love colloquial expressions. They’re fun, and they often put important life-changing maxims into humorous (and memorable) bite-sized statements. And one of my favorites is: It’s time to fish or cut bait!

To be honest, this expression has been my mantra more than once in my writing career. It simply means to stop hesitating and move forward instead of giving up and settling for the status quo.

Make a Decision

Who wants to cut the bait instead of being the fisherman? Not me! And I don’t think you do either. (Okay, so we usual...

I would never call myself a perfectionist. In fact, my family would probably fall over laughing at that description. But perhaps I’m really what I like to call a “reverse perfectionist”, meaning I often won’t start a project if I don’t think I can get it 100% correct the first time. Maybe it’s just a fear of failure, but whatever I call it—it’s PROCRASTINATION! And when I put that self-imposed limit on my writing, I end up with a blank page. And here’s a little inside secret; writers can’t revise something that hasn’t been written!


I have been reading Ann Whi...

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